November Flowers

Celebrating Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum ‘Pip Salmon’

I have a craving for Chrysanthemums ! Now that November is here and the glorious Autumnal shades are all around us , I think that Chrysanthemums are the perfect Flowers to celebrate this seasonal natural beauty.

In recent years , whilst growing for Clients , I have discovered some truly stunning Chrysanthemum cultivars and , I am very glad to say , I am continuing to discover more and more ! Especially those that are safe to grow outside in your Garden , or your Cutting Patch. My collection is going to continue to grow over the coming year , that’s for sure !

Chrysanthemums ‘Dr. Tom Parr’ , ‘Allouise Salmon’ and ‘Tarantula Red’

Cultivars that are described as being ‘Garden Chrysanthemums’ , include the smaller , but abundant , sprays of Dr. Tom Parr , as well as the fuller blooms in the ‘Allouise’ Series . Both are pictured above , both are beautiful for cutting , and the smaller flowers are lovely to use in Wreaths . Otherwise , you should be able to trust the ‘Korean’ and ‘Rubellum’ type cultivars , such as the centuries old , multi-layered ‘Emperor of China’ , and the lovely daisy-type blooms of ‘Perry’s Peach’ and ‘Mary Stoker’ , plus , the more recent introduction , ‘Samba’ !

I will be propagating lots of lovely cultivars in the Spring , adhering , as always , to Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) . Otherwise , fabulous British online stockists include Chrysanthemums Direct , Halls of Heddon , Sarah Raven and Woottens .

Go Chrysanthemum Crazy !