March Garden

The beginning of Spring 2021 was a notably cold one, keeping many plants tucked-up in the soil when they might otherwise be showing-off their blooms in some Spring sunshine ! The Hellebores kept going throughout and remain a joy even as their flowers fade into April, when they take on a slightly metallic sheen, and are also then at their best as cut-flowers. One of my favourites has to be the seemingly endless ‘Anna’s Red’ belonging to the wonderful ‘Rodney Davey Marbled Group’ of Hellebores, having distinct, large and outward-facing flowers complimented by beautifully marbled, large and healthy, dark-green, veined foliage.

Beautiful Helleborus (Rodney Davey Marbled Group) ‘Anna’s Red’ catching some Spring sunshine in my Client’s Woodland Garden.

I had the pleasure and privilege of visiting John Massey’s Private Garden at Ashwood Nurseries in early March, and was able to meet-up with my Client, who, understandably, fell in love with so many of the Hellebores in John’s Garden and in the Nurseries. My Client’s selections were, by chance, all Ashwood Garden Hybrids, some of which can be seen in the photo below, where she has cleverly displayed their flowers in tiny glasses, along with the fabulous Narcissus ‘Replete’.

Fabulous Ashwood Garden Hybrids Hellebores and Narcissus ‘Replete’, displayed beautifully in little glasses by my Client.

I have been experimenting with some different Muscari cultivars this year, and they have proven to be quite magical ! I planted each of three, en-masse, in separate pots that sit outside on my Client’s windowsill, from where they could be admired from inside as well as out. I chose ‘Pink Sunrise’, ‘Esther’ and ‘Mountain Lady’. They were a joy and I have now planted them out in my Client’s Rose Garden, where they can naturalise and increase in even more numbers ! I also planted a mix of ‘Blue Magic’, ‘Ocean Magic’ and ‘White Magic’ in one pot, which was absolutely lovely, and planted more of each of these out in the Garden too, so I’m hoping that all will clump-up, as has the beautiful pale-blue and green ‘Peppermint’ in my Client’s Woodland Glade.

Speaking of naturalising beautifully, another of my Clients has the most glorious display of naturalised Spring bulbs, including Dog’s-Tooth Violets (Erythronium dens-canis) that follow-on from Snowdrops to join the Narcissi just before the Snakeshead Fritillaries (Fritillaria meleagris), it is a truly glorious sight.

So many early Spring delights in the Garden to enjoy !